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Level 2 & 3

RICS Level 2 and 3 for Home Buyers | Expert Advice | FOXALL SURVEYORS

Looking for expert advice on RICS Level 2 and 3 for home buyers?

At Foxall Surveyors, I provide a comprehensive guidance and support to help you navigate the property market with confidence. I am a RICS-qualified professional that will ensure that you receive accurate and reliable information about property condition surveys, valuations, and more. Gain peace of mind knowing that you are making informed decisions when purchasing your dream home. 


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Welcome to RICS Level 2 and 3:
The Ultimate Guide for Home Buyers

our Trusted Source for Expert Advice and Insight


Discover the Power of RICS Level 2 and 3 Certification


Are you a home buyer looking for professional guidance and assurance? Look no further! RICS Level 2 and 3 Certification is here to empower you with the knowledge and expertise you need to make informed decisions.


Why Choose RICS Level 2 and 3?


At RICS, we understand that buying a home is one of the most significant investments you'll make in your lifetime. That's why our Level 2 and 3 Certification is designed to give you peace of mind and confidence throughout the entire home buying process.


Our Unparalleled Expertise


With RICS Level 2 and 3, you gain access to a network of highly skilled professionals who specialise in assessing the condition and value of properties. Our certified experts have undergone rigorous training and adhere to the strictest industry standards, ensuring unbiased and accurate evaluations.


Key Benefits of RICS Level 2 and 3:


  • Comprehensive Property Assessments: Our certified experts provide detailed reports on the condition, potential risks, and necessary repairs of the property you're interested in, helping you avoid costly surprises down the line.

  • Objective and Independent Advice: With RICS Level 2 and 3, you can trust that our experts have no conflicts of interest. Their sole focus is to provide you with unbiased advice, giving you the confidence to make an informed decision.

  • Peace of Mind: By choosing RICS Level 2 and 3, you can rest assured that your property purchase will be backed by professional expertise. Our certification is recognised globally, so no matter where you're buying, you can count on our trusted reputation.


Take the First Step Towards a Confident Home Buying Journey!


Don't let uncertainty cloud your decision-making process. Take advantage of our RICS Level 2 and 3 Certification today and experience the following benefits:

  • Receive a Comprehensive Property Assessment Report tailored specifically to your needs.

  • Access Objective Advice from certified professionals with no hidden agendas.

  • Enjoy Peace of Mind knowing that your investment is backed by RICS' trusted global reputation.


Get in Touch with Us Now!

Contact us today to schedule a consultation with one of our RICS Level 2 and 3 certified experts. Let us guide you towards making informed decisions that will protect your investment and ensure a smooth home buying journey.

RICS Home Survey- Level 2

RICS Level 2

The RICS Home Survey - Level 2 provides residential property purchasers with a thorough professional assessment of a home's overall condition. Conducted on-site by RICS qualified surveyors, it offers a comprehensive technical review to inform decisions and identify maintenance needs.


The survey examination adopts a logical, methodical approach across all accessible parts of the property. This includes an analysis of external elements such as chimney stacks, roofs, rainwater goods, and boundary walls before progressing to internal areas from loft spaces and ceilings down to floors.


The building fabric is reviewed for evidence of defects, deterioration, material fatigue, or settlement. The surveyor assesses the property's energy efficiency credentials and characterises all systems including electrical, gas, plumbing, heating, and drainage. Issues impacting upon structure, value, or enjoyment are highlighted.


Where prudent, the surveyor undertakes additional investigations such as damp testing, thermal imaging, or CCTV drainage studies. Access hatches and sampling inspection openings are used for closer examination without cosmetic damage. The survey does not disrupt secured sections or fitted carpets.


The comprehensive written report presents detailed technical information describing construction types and materials observed, summarising property condition, and clearly setting out maintenance items and any remedial repairs recommended. It may suggest further specialists' input where hidden defects are suspected.


Cost guidance is provided for significant recommended repairs. Standard limitations are also outlined regarding parts concealed, legal matters, and testing services which fall beyond the report scope. Extensive photographs supplement the textual descriptions.


The RICS Level 2 survey provides home buyers with expert insight into overall property condition, enabling informed decision-making on purchase offers and forthcoming maintenance liabilities. It constitutes prudent due diligence but does not provide valuations or market comparisons.


For homeowners, the survey can form the basis of planned maintenance schedules. It identifies timescales for defect resolution, helping stage repairs and budgeting. Future routine inspections also stem from the benchmark understanding of the property's state.


The RICS Home Survey - Level 2 delivers an informed, independent analysis of residential property construction, condition, and maintenance needs. The rigorous on-site assessment provides buyers and owners assurance and understanding to confidently advance their interests.

RICS Home Survey- Level 3

RICS Level 3

For residential property purchases where detailed due diligence is crucial, the RICS Home Survey - Level 3 offers expert and in-depth analysis of a home's construction, condition, and defects. This extensive service is carried out by highly experienced RICS surveyors.


Building upon the rigorous inspection of the Level 2 Home Survey, the Level 3 report provides enhanced information on the property's structure obtained through a more intrusive examination by the surveyor. Additional inquiries, investigations, and expertise support this comprehensive physical analysis.


Internally, the surveyor conducts thorough investigations of floors, walls, and ceilings within sampled areas after consulting on locations and reinstatements. This reveals construction details, defects, and hidden issues that would otherwise not be visible. Services are subject to further assessment.


Externally, the surveyor closely examines elevations and roofing using binoculars and, whenever possible, scaffold access. Underground drainage runs are traced and chambers inspected. Site contours, trees, and boundaries are also reviewed.


Specialist subcontractors may be engaged for specific testing processes if deemed necessary, such as CCTV drain surveys, asbestos sampling, electrical installation checks, and damp or timber analysis.

The survey report presents all relevant information regarding the property's condition and maintenance liabilities. It describes the construction methodology, materials used, and provides context on the condition derived from the deeper analysis conducted. Maintenance and repair recommendations offer enhanced detail and accuracy.


The Level 3 service is recommended for listed, very old, or uniquely constructed properties where intrusive inspection provides more definitive guidance on condition. It is suitable for buyers seeking maximum construction information prior to transactions.


For corporations, the survey enables highly informed decision-making regarding acquisitions that represent significant financial commitments. While it requires a higher expense, the detailed information obtained through intrusive examination aids in risk management.


The RICS Home Survey - Level 3 provides the most thorough diagnostic assessment of residential properties, creating a benchmark understanding of the overall construction, structure, and defects. For important decisions that require maximum due diligence, it represents a wise investment.

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