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Surveyor Engineer

Measured Building Surveys

Professional Commercial Measured Building Surveys | Expert Surveyor

Looking for accurate and reliable commercial measured building surveys?


I deliver comprehensive and precise measurements for all types of commercial properties. Improve your decision-making with our detailed reports and plans. 


Contact me today for a professional and efficient surveying service.

Measured Building Surveys

Measured building surveys are comprehensive assessments that thoroughly inspect a property's condition. This involves detailed measurement and recording of all parts using tools like laser measures and damp meters. The surveyor examines accessible elements, identifies materials and construction methods, and records any damage or defects. The data collected allows for the creation of accurately scaled floor plans and elevations. A final report is produced, summarising the findings, measurements, and recommendations for repairs or further investigations. These surveys are commonly used for marketing properties, identifying defects during property transactions, and aiding in the planning and design of refurbishment projects. Qualified surveyors with advanced technical expertise conduct these surveys, following strict practice standards. Measured building surveys provide clients with valuable technical information and expert assessments for making property decisions.

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